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All information on this website has been compiled by EEQO, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. EEQO disclaims all liability for any damage, of whatever nature, that may result in any way from the use of this website, including actions, omissions and/or decisions based on this information, as well as the (temporary) impossibility of using the website. EEQO reserves the right to make changes with immediate effect and without (prior) notice. Although EEQO endeavours to prevent misuse, EEQO is not liable for information and/or messages sent by users of the Website via the Internet.



The data displayed on this website, including texts, films, photos, illustrations, (trade) names and logos, are the property of EEQO or one of its cooperation partners and are protected by copyright. The aforementioned rights are in no way transferred to persons or legal entities that gain access to this website. The user of the website is not permitted to make the content of the website available in return for payment. The user may reproduce, distribute and disseminate content on the social media channels Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.  For other purposes, it is not permitted to reproduce, distribute and/or pass on to third parties, transmit, make available on a network the content of the Website without the express written permission of EEQO.


EEQO accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage caused by the content of information – whether or not provided by third parties – on the EEQO website or social media channels. EEQO therefore reserves the right to modify and/or delete the information offered by third parties if the information offered by third parties or a number of third parties is against the road, the interests of other internet users and third parties.


The content of this website is checked to the best of our knowledge and belief to ensure that it is accurate and up to date. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies that may have been published. Visitors to our website can therefore only use the information they read at their own risk and responsibility. The content of this website is protected by copyright. EEQO’s permission to distribute and/or reproduce this website and the associated (text) documents (instruction films) and images, or any part thereof, as well as the source code, or any part thereof, is expressly excluded. The copyright to the information published on this website is held by EEQO and/or the authors. Without the written permission of EEQO and the authors, it is not permitted to copy works published on the website in whole or in part outside the legal citation practice. Without express written permission, copying or distribution of the information published on this website may result in civil or criminal penalties, and all remedies provided by law will be exhausted.


It is permissible to create links to information from this website on other websites. However, it must be clearly stated in all cases that the link refers to the website of EEQO or its subsidiaries. It is not permitted to embed pages from this website in other websites using frames or other technology, with the exception of the social media channels offered, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

SeeSoo Optics, subsidiary of EEQO BV is not liable to EEQO for information and/or messages sent by users of the website via the Internet.

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