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At SeeSoo Optics, we strongly believe that we can create a better, healthier and cleaner world with safe and eco friendly products. Our cleaning products for glasses are made of plant extracts and essential oils. That means 100% natural ingredients. We want to minimize our ecological footprint by using our own fluid, producing and printing our bottles in Europe and fill them locally. Within our global supply chain strategy, we strive to buy, produce and supply as much as possible on a local basis and still remain affordable. Part of our bottles are made out of recycled material (RPET) with the strong intention to switch to RPET with the whole assortment. Also we will offer recycled PP finger sprays during 2021. Clients can choose from a variety of design decors and techniques; together we search for the best design option to make everyone’s style come through in the bottle.
At EEQO, our mother holding, we continuously search for the best natural cleaning solutions, recipes and packaging. Together with our microbiologist, suppliers and customers we are trying to make a difference for the environment and the future of our children. We strive to improve ourselves and our company every day because we believe that there is still a world to win.

SeeSoo’s promise

At SeeSoo Optics we believe in a healthier and more sustainable future. That’s why we make the promise that all our lens cleaning products are environmentally friendly and good for humans, animals and our planet. Most of our products even contain 100% natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. We promise that our products are safe, effective and most of all affordable. SeeSoo Optics believes in working with wonderful wholesale partners and works amongst others with Talba Nederland, Bondeye Optical and U-Optik. But we would love to add more partners to make opticians happy.


SeeSoo Optics wants to serve you, the optician. Together with our partners, professional wholesale companies, we supply you with personalized cloths, boxes, bags, bottles. Whatever you need for your practice in your own design. SeeSoo’s believe in a more sustainable future can only be achieved together with strong partners who share our values.
Is your wholesale partner not yet listed? Please send us as inquiry or call us. We are sure we can help you. Together for a more sustainable future.

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