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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). Is your question missing? Then please contact us via

FAQ’s about Ingredients

Yes. The SeeSoo Optics lens cleaner fluid is organic and ecological. That is why we use the terms sustainable and AllNatural. Naturally all our lens cleaning products are biodegradable and made out of naturals ingredients and essential oils.


Our SeeSoo lens cleaner contains a small amount of bioethanol made from grains. Bioethanol is obtained by fermentation from sugar or starchy plants. Bioethanol is seen as an environmentally friendly solution and a perfect alternative to the use of fossil fuels.

AllNatural states that the products are made from natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils.

Yes, all SeeSoo AllNatural products are completely safe and thanks to their organic nature also environmentally friendly. There is no need for protective gear nor need you to avoid contact with you skin. More detailed information is available on the safety sheet.

Yes, the safety sheets can be requested by email via 

Avoid temperatures below -5°C (23°F) and above 60°C (140°F)

Yes, all of our products can be kept at least 2 years after purchase. Since the products are AllNatural it is in rare occasions possible that due to its ingredients a little residue can exist in the bottle. If so, the lens cleaner is still safe to use.

The products are produced in Europe, The Netherlands. Depending on scale the unique basis ingredient can be shipped to another country and local production can be done.

FAQ’s about Safety & Allergies

SeeSoo Optics products can be used around humans and animals without any risk. Our products contain natural, non-toxic, elements.

SeeSoo Optics products contain natural ingredients, generally our products are safe for people with allergies.

Yes, surfaces that are being cleaned with SeeSoo Optics products are safe for children. As our products don’t contain any hazardous and toxic ingredients they don’t leave any harmful vapours and/or residues behind.

Although the products don’t contain hazardous elements, they are not meant or suited to in digest.

FAQ’s about Delivery times

SeeSoo’s average delivery time of the 100% AllNatural lens cleaner is 3 to 6 weeks after decor approval. SeeSoo strives to keep delivery times as short as possible. For the future we work on optimizing this process even more. Larger orders above 20.000 bottles are custom-made to which adjusted delivery times apply.

FAQ’s about Disinfection

SeeSoo surface disinfection contains Benzalkonium Chloride and Sodium Pyrithione. These are well known and highly effective anti-pathogen agents.

We do not suggest that SeeSoo surface disinfection is applied to hands as a hand sanitizer. It is of course tested on skin but this is to address skin sensitivity.

The prevailing test protocols require testing against Corona / Influenza viruses in order to show efficacy against Covid-19. It is recognized that sanitizers which are effective against the Corona virus ”family“ of viruses also inactivate Sars, Mers and Covid-19.

The consistent and technically correct response is: “For establishing proof of efficacy (for a sanitizer) against a virus or family/genus of viruses the standard testing procedure is to test using a surrogate virus which has been chosen by the testing authorities.”

In simple terms, if the sanitizer under trial kills the surrogate virus it will therefore kill all other viruses which are part of this family of viruses. This is a standard procedure which is managed by Independent testing authorities. It should also be remembered that it is much easier to kill pathogens outside the human body (in-vitro) than within the human body ( in-vivo). The SeeSoo surface disinfectant is certified as being effective against Covid-19 as this virus is part of the Corona family of viruses.

If we were to test specifically against Codid-19 we would have a very limited (and very expensive test). It would be limited because viruses are constantly mutating. The Covid-19 virus has already mutated and there are now several subtly different variants.

Yes, we have a Germany biocidal registration number for the 5L and the 500ml RFU disinfectant as well as the wipes and refill N-94940(D) & N-94938 (D).

Derma Testing confirms that SeeSoo disinfectant is not injurious to skin but of course prolonged application to skin is not recommended.

It is recommended that 10ml of liquid is used per m².

SeeSoo wipes, packaging, empty bottles and canisters can be disposed of with domestic waste, in accordance with prevailing local regulations.

Available in and registered biocide for Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and France. Is your country not listed, please contact us. We work with partnerships.

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