About SeeSoo

At SeeSoo we believe in a healthier and more sustainable future. That’s why we make the promise that all our products are environmentally friendly and good for humans, animals and our planet.
Most of our products even contain 100% natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. We promise that our products are safe, effective and most of all affordable.

About us

We are convinced that creating a better and healthier world can only be done by raising awareness. We want you to expierence how easy it is to replace toxic cleaning products with environmentally friendly products. It might only be a small switch but you will contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.

That is why we at SeeSoo, only sell natural products that contribute to this better future.

The Blue Loop Foundation

Although only selling natural products is already quite the statement, we don’t stop there. 5% of our gross margin is donated to our own Blue Loop Foundation.

The Blue Loop foundation is committed to create a healthier environment for the inhabitants of our planet. We want to create awareness that sustainability should be the norm on our planet. That’s why we support initiatives that contribute to wildlife, plastic reductions and the wellbeing of children.

For more information about The Blue Loop Foundation, please visit: http://www.blue-loop.org

Distributors partners

With a mission like ours we cannot do it alone. Our mission is to expend our brand and mission on a global scale. To do this, we need partners who believe in the same fundaments as we do.  That’s why we want to work together our partners that are active in the business-to-business and in the business-to-consumer market.