Welcome at SeeSoo Optics

At SeeSoo we believe in bringing great, natural cleaning products for businesses and consumers.

All of our products are natural, sustainably produced and environmentally friendly. Besides bringing these products, SeeSoo also donates 5% of its earnings to initiatives that support the planet.

SeeSoo Lenscleaner Collection

Discover the revolutionary SeeSoo lens cleaner. It’s 100% natural, exceptionally thorough and does not contain ingredients that could damage your glasses and frames. It is:

  • A high performance solution, completely All Natural
  • Anti-static
  • Streak Free
  • 100% Safe for all glasses, frames, coatings
  • Tested in the best laboratory for the optical market and with stunning results.

We believe in beautiful designs, that should bring a smile on your face. That’s why we have happy designs that reflect our believes and could make you happy. You can choose from:

  • the Your Style, Your Colour collection,
  • the SeeSoo Originals and
  • SeeSoo Limited Editions.

SeeSoo for Kids

We truly believe that we have the responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future.

This starts with awareness. How great would it be if we can teach the new generation about a better future?

That’s why we have created the SeeSoo for Kids lens cleaner solution. Together with our opticians we want to create awareness to children and their parents about sustainable cleaning and environmental issues! The SeeSoo for Kids bottles are part of the story. It brings a fun and educational story for children so they learn about sustainability in a fun way!

SeeSoo for Kids is coming soon.


Offering the SeeSoo Lens Cleaner to your customers is a great way to provide additional service. It is also a nice promotional product for opticians if Opticians use the co-branding solution. This way you can showcase your commitment to natural products and charities together with the SeeSoo Brand, but also show your own brand to customers.

The co-branding solution brings the best of both worlds, if you also want the SeeSoo Lens Cleaner to be part of your promotion!


Private Label

Besides the SeeSoo and the co-branding bottles we also offer a full private label solution. The private label solution means that you can offer your customers a completely natural lens cleaner in your own brand.


  • Natural ingredients

    SeeSoo offers a true natural solution with 100% ingredients made from plants and essential oils.

  • Full color design

    SeeSoo is one of the first companies that offers a full colour design bottle for their customers. So whether you want a photo, logo or anything else in full color, we can do it.

  • Own design starting from 300 pcs.

    Thanks to our revolutionary printing technique, you can order you own (co-branding) designs at low quantities. You can already have your own design starting from 300 pieces!

  • Refill station

    With our refill solution you create a great reason for your customers to come back to your store. It’s not only a great extra service but providing the possibility for a free refill gives you the perfect moment to get back in touch.

  • Choose your size and colour

    SeeSoo offers a broad range of different colours and sizes. Pick the colour(s) that represents your brand the best and a size that fits your customers.

  • Blue Loop Foundation

    For every product sold, we donate 5% of our gross margin to the Blue Loop Foundation. In this way you also contribute to a better and more sustainable future with every bottle. How great is that?

Our Mission

Just bringing great natural and environmentally friendly products to the world isn’t enough for us. That’s why we donate 5% of our earnings to The Blue Loop Foundation. Through this foundation we support wildlife, reductions of plastic waste and the wellbeing of children.

Becoming a distribution partner or reseller?

Do you share our belief in the sale of effective durable cleaning products and would you like to distribute or offer our products to your customers? Please contact us.

We are still looking for a partnership with wholesalers, purchasing groups or retail chains for some countries in Europe. We are also finalizing partnerships for the Asian Market and the United States. For these countries we are also looking for expansion of partners.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you have questions about our products, designs or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our team is more then happy to answer questions you might have.

Refill Station

The Refill Station is a great way to give your customers a reason to visit your Optician. With our Refill Station people can come and refill their lens cleaning bottle. This is a great moment for you to get back into contact! The Refill Station is an easy-to-use system that can be hung on the wall in your store. This way your customers can refill their bottles themselves and it shows the great service your store is offering!