The Blue Loop Foundation

At EEQO we formed our own Foundation. This foundation is called “The Blue Loop Foundation”, which stands for creating a better world for this and next generations. That’s the reason why it supports initiatives in these core areas:

  • Wildlife
  • Reducing plastic waste
  • Well-being of children all over the world

The Blue Loop Foundation is convinced that the impact of creating a better world is the biggest when companies work together. By donating a part of their earnings to the foundation, it creates a movement which is beneficial to our planet.

Bas Bakker and Roderick Roode, the founders of EEQO are also the founders of The Blue Loop Foundation. EEQO donates 1% of the turnover to the foundation.

We are currently in the process of getting the official ANBI (Foundation) status for the Blue Loop Foundation. This means it then is an official foundation according to the Dutch government. The foundation has an external Supervisory Board and management does not get paid for the work for the foundation.


The main mission of The Blue Loop Foundation is to:

  • support initiatives which support the survival of endangered species;
  • clean plastic waste by stimulating recycling and reusing and
  • support initiatives which improve the well-being of children.

The foundation stimulates companies and consumers to make sustainability the norm.


Change cannot be done alone, that is why The Blue Loop Foundation truly believes in collaborations. Let’s make a difference together!

For more information, please visit the website of the Blue Loop Foundation or get in touch with us.