What is Silkscreen Printing?

It is a technique for decorating directly on SeeSoo bottles. The screen printing process involves forcing ink through a silkscreen that has been photographically treated. The process can be used for both one color and multicoloured prints on all SeeSoo coloured bottles.

Silkscreened bottles enable your products to stand out from the variety of competing products. The labeling is unique, with regard to creativity and design, since it gives you the chance to combine the beauty of the bottle to create compelling designs and colour effects.

The advantage of silkscreen printing compared to pad printing is that, for example, a bottle can be provided with a larger print (around the bottle). The only condition for silkscreen printing is that this must involve larger numbers in order to keep the printing costs per bottle acceptable.

Printing a photo is not possible with screen printing.

Silkscreen – Your Choice?

Would you like SeeSoo coloured bottles with your text or logo on it? In one, two or three colours? Then this printing technique may be the right one for you. Ask for the possibilities. We are happy to discuss your wishes with you.