SeeSoo Your Style, Your Colour

With the SeeSoo Your Style, Your Colour collection we bring some brightness to the world. The collection consists of 10 different colours, from white to blue, from orange to black. This way your colour will match your style. If you want a photo or image on your bottle, you can only do this on a white, non-transparent bottle. With text printing you can choose from the following colours:

  • white (not transparent)
  • black (not transparent)
  • transparent clear
  • orange
  • red
  • light blue
  • dark blue
  • purple
  • green
  • black transparent

Rainbow collection

Do you want your customer to choose his/her colour? Then choose the SeeSoo Rainbow collection. Here different colors of bottles are mixed per 80 pieces. With a minimum order quantity of 320 pieces, this means that you will receive 4 different colour bottles in your own unique design. You can of course choose which colours you wish to receive. If you want a photo or image on your bottle, you can only choose white, not transparent. For text printing, the above colours are available in one, two and three-colour printing. Ask for the possibilities.

SeeSoo design options

SeeSoo Co-branding

We at SeeSoo offer the possibility to co-brand our 100% AllNatural lens cleaner. This means that your brand will take a premier place on the bottle with your own design. The SeeSoo brand and the AllNatural logo will help you to show your customers your commitment for natural cleaning products and a better future.


SeeSoo Private Label

For organisations that wish to only present their own brand we offer the private label solution. This means that the lens cleaner bottle will be developed and produced completely in your own style.

Depending on your design wish different decor techniques are possible, from print to full silk screening to labeling. Together we determine the technique which best suits your need.

Private label