SeeSoo Your Style, Your Colour

With the SeeSoo Your Style, Your Colour collection we bring some brightness to the world. The collection consists of 9 different colours, from white to blue, from orange to black. This way your colour will match your style. These colours are also available for your private label solution.

Rainbow collection

We understand that not every consumer loves the same colours. That’s why we offer our rainbow collection. When you order the rainbow collection we will mix bottles with different colours. So the customer in the Optician can choose his or her preferred colour!

And with every rainbow, you can find a pot of gold at the end. So the rainbow collections double connects to our Blue Loop Foundation.  For every SeeSoo product sold we donate a part towards The Blue Loop Foundation that is committed to do good for our planet and its inhabitants.

Combine these bottles with your logo, choose Co-branding.

Besides our own YSYS and Rainbow collection we also want to offer our customers the option to place their own company logo on the bottle. For more information please go to Co-branding.