Private label

 Do you want the SeeSoo 100% AllNatural lens cleaner in your own design? Besides our own SeeSoo brand and our co-branding option we also offer private label.

About private labels

For organisations that wish to present their own brand SeeSoo offers the private label solution. This means that the 100% AllNatural lens cleaner bottle will be developed and produced completely in your own style.

Depending on your design wish, different decor techniques are possible, from print to full silk screening to labeling. Together we determine the technique which best suits your needs.

Choose a size that fits your company

SeeSoo offers the private label solution in various coloured bottles and bottle sizes. The 30ml bottle is the most commonly one used at opticians. A nice giveaway for your customers and practical on the way. Larger bottles are good for selling in your store. You can choose out of:  50ml, 100ml, 150ml en 200ml. Please inform for the possibilities.

Choose your colour
Your Style, Your Colour

Choose the colour that best fits your needs. You can choose from the following colours:

    • 7 different transparent colours: red, purple, orange, dark blue, light blue, green and black.
    • A clear bottle
    • Black Non transparant
    • White Non transparant
The decors on these bottles is mostly in one colour (white) or two colours. Optional three colours. If you wish to place an image or photo on the bottle, the only option is the white bottle. Traditional full colour sustainable labels are also possible.
Depending on your design wish we help you choose the right bottle and spray.

Custom made to fit your needs

Choosing for the private label solution is a custom made process just to fit your needs. SeeSoo helps you to set up the right choice, make sure that designs are up to your standards and guide you through the process from design to production to delivery.

If the private label solution is what you are looking for, please contact us. Our team is ready to assist you!

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