Different techniques for different wishes

At SeeSoo we can offer various set of printing techniques so we always have the right solution for your wishes. From traditional labels to luxe silk screen to decor full colour printing. It’s all been taken care off. Depending on your wish we determine together what suits you best.

SeeSoo – Decor Printing

High Quality, Safe and Unique

Where digital printing meets heat transfer

We at SeeSoo combine digital printing technology with the heat transfer process. Due to this combination we can print high resolution images as well as personalized artwork both fast and cost-efficient. Utilizing the digital printing technology the process is perfectly matched to print small and mid-size orders as per 320 pieces.

You benefit from all advantages of digital printing and a heat transfer process, and the convenience of us taking care of the printing itself!

Sophisticated Standards. Brilliant Colors.

This print uses a four colour process (CMYK) on white bottles only.

Good to know: We emphasize a harmless and sustainable process. Therefore the heat transfer decals contain no VOCs, no heavy metals, no UV-curing monomers and no other critical ingredients. On top of that the carrier material can be easily recycled.

Silk screen

Besides our full colour decor printing option, we also offer silk screen. Silk screen is a great option if you decide to have your brand on a coloured bottle. Silk screening is also the most affordable option when there is a higher quantity of bottles.

Silk screening is still a beautiful and luxury way of presenting bottles. It shows class, clean designs and it’s very durable. Silk screening can be done on all of our bottles and shows your customers that you stand for quality. You can chose one, two or three PMS colours with this technique. Prices are available at your supplier.


We at SeeSoo are very proud that we bring an environmentally friendly label that is made from sugarcane. Together with our partners we introduce the I’m Green ecofriendly label. The label is made from left over sugarcane that is transformed into bio ethanol. This means that the label is safe for the environment and biodegradable. It has a lower carbon footprint than traditional labels!

Labels are also a great way to present your product. As an option between full colour decor printing and silk screening, our labels fill up the gap. Ask for the options.

Discover our different products

Private labels

Your own design on a 100% AllNatural lens cleaner. Unique & sustainable!

Are you interested in receiving more information about the SeeSoo private label solution?


We would love that everyone embraces our mission to create a healthier future. Our own SeeSoo brand in combination with your brand. A sustainable combination for a better future. That’s why we offer the SeeSoo co-branding solution.

SeeSoo labels

Labels are also a great way to present your product. The labels can be printed in full colour to show your brand in the best possible way. An economical, attractive and sustainable solution, since our labels are made from sugar cane.