Best of both worlds

We at SeeSoo offer the possibility to co-brand our 100% AllNatural lens cleaner. This means that your brand will take a premier place on the bottle with your own design. The SeeSoo brand and the AllNatural logo will help you to show your customers your commitment for natural products and a better future.

SeeSoo Co-branding

Co-branding with SeeSoo is available in 10 different colours as shown below. Depending on your design wish we determine together the best decor option. If you miss a colour that is frequently being asked for, please send us an email to:

The SeeSoo bottle has two sides. With Co-branding the optician carries both, SeeSoo Optics and his own brand on the bottle. Together with these opticians we embrace the mission of sustainability.

  • On the front side of the bottle you’ll find the SeeSoo Optics logo.
  • On the back side of the bottle you’ll find your logo/design.

Opticians can choose the following:

Your Style, Your Colour

Choose the colour that best fits your needs. You can choose from the following colours:

    • 7 different transparent colours: red, purple, orange, dark blue, light blue, green and black.
    • A clear bottle
    • Black Non transparant
    • White Non transparant

The decors on these bottles is mostly in one colour (white) or two colours. Optional three colours. Traditional full colour labels are also possible. Both silk screen and labels are the best way to design these bottles with the SeeSoo Co-branding option.

Do you wish a photo or image on the bottle? Then chose the white bottle as this is at present the only bottle on which we offer to print images/photos. Please inform for the options.

Rainbow Collection

Do you prefer to leave the choice up to your customers in the store? SeeSoo is happy to offer the ‘Rainbow Collection”. In this case you mix colours. Depending on the order size you receive for example 80 red, 80 dark blue, 80 orange and 80 green bottles (if your order size is 320). You can choose which colours you wish to receive. Minimum order quantity is 320.


The most frequently used sprays are the ones in white and black. We have both colours on stock.