SeeSoo bottles & sprays


We at SeeSoo always look for bottles which best suit your needs. The mostly used bottle in the optical market is the 30ml (1oz) bottle with either a white or black spray. SeeSoo offers PET bottles which are mostly used for the cosmetic industry. Our aim for the future is to offer recycled PET bottles as wel as I’m green bottles.

As colours make us happy, we also hope that the colours we offer also make you and yours customers happy. At present you can choose from various colours, depending on your design:

  • 7 different transparent colours: red, purple, orange, dark blue, light blue, green and black. The decors on these bottles is mostly in one colour (white) or two colours. Optional three colours, depending on order size. Traditional full colour labels are also possible. Both silk screen and labels are the best way to design these bottles.
  • A clear bottle. One, two or three colour silk screen and labels are best decor technique for these bottles.
  • Black Non transparant. Chique design in silk screen and label options.
  • White Non transparant. Especially this bottle is outstanding when using a photo or logo on the bottle. Full colour designs look awesome on these bottles.

Besides the 30ml bottles we also have other sizes and colours. Please ask for the options.


The most frequently used sprays are the ones in white and black. We both have these on stock. Other colours are available on request.