SeeSoo Limited Editions Starters Kit.


Order your the SeeSoo Limited Editions Starters Kit now. Containing everything you need to have a great start and you can start with Limited Editions bottles and be surprised of all new Limited Editions for repeat orders. All products are SeeSoo Branded.



SeeSoo Your Style, Your Colour. Starters Kit.

At SeeSoo you can order a starters kit for the SeeSoo Limited Editions This gives an optician the opportunity to start at a complete way! This package contains the following items:

  • 300, 600 or 1000, 30ml (1oz) bottles SeeSoo Your Style, Your Colour. You can continuously order new Limited Editions bottles. Some customers prefer empty bottles to fill them in the store, others prefer full bottles.
  • 5 liter jerry cans to fill these bottles and also one 750ml Refill Station.
  • the Refill Station. You can choose from 5 colours. This contains the complete system. With wall mount, bottle and Refill Station. ┬áThis bottle contains the SeeSoo Brand Logo.


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