Private labels

Besides our own SeeSoo brand and our co-branding option for companies that like to offer their own brand. The private label solution means that you can offer your customers a completely natural lens cleaner in your own brand.

About private labels

For organizations that wish to only present their own brand we offer the private label solution. This means that the lens cleaner bottle will be developed and produced completely in your own style without the SeeSoo brand.

It can be done in a various of different techniques, from digital print to full silk screening.

Choose a size that fits your company

We offer the private label in a variety of different sizes so it fits your organization. As this process is all custom to your wishes we offer the 30ml, 100ml and 200ml versions. While the 30ml is very suitable for customers to fit in their bag, the larger ones are very useful to keep at home.

Custom made to fit your needs

Choosing for the private label solution is a custom process to make sure it fits your needs. We will help you to set up the right choices, make sure that the designs are up to your standards and guide you to the process from design to production to delivery.

If the private label solution is what you are looking for, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you in any way needed!