SeeSoo Co-branding

This design solution is available in 8 colours bottles and a white bottle as shown above. If you miss a colour that is frequently being asked for, please send us an email to:

The bottle has two sides. With Co-Branding the optician carries the mission and brand of SeeSoo optics but also wants to use its own Brand on the bottle. Together with these Opticians we embrace the mission of sustainability and the Blue Loop Foundation. Stronger Together is the motto:

  • On the first side the label of SeeSoo is printed. This is the same design as the SeeSoo Optics bottle.
  • On the other side the logo of the Optician, Chain or Purchasing Company is Placed

Bottle Colour Options Package. Opticians can choose the following:

  • Your Style, Your Colour: Some Opticians prefer their own colour depending on the styling of their company.
  • Rainbow Collection: Others Opticians prefer to leave the choice up to their consumers in the store and they offer the happy “Rainbow Collection”. In this case all options are available in one box.

Best of both worlds

We offer the possibility to co-brand our product. This means that your brand will take a premier place on the bottle with your own design. The SeeSoo brand and the AllNatural logo will help you to show your customers your commitment for natural products and a better future.