SeeSoo Lens cleaner fluid

SEESOO, high performance cleaning fluid, solution.

Developed several years ago by our biologist, our lens cleaner is an all natural cleaner. But only just making a natural solution isn’t good enough, we wanted to make sure that our product was just as good as the traditional cleaners. That’s why we had our product tested by Colt Lab USA, one of the premier external laboratories for fluids and cloths in the world, in 2016 and we are very proud of the results.

We had our product tested in different ways like an oily (WD40) test, PH-test and an abrasion test. The tests proved that the SeeSoo lens cleaner is harmless to coated surfaces, glasses/lenses and frames. It also showed that it almost leaves no residue like the traditional toxic products and of course that it has a good cleaning performance in combination with the SeeSoo cloths.

In the end, our lens cleaner scores similar to the traditional products, but then in a non-toxic environmentally friendly way. So, there is no reason not to switch to the SeeSoo lens cleaner.

The report is available on request.

The SeeSoo fluid has the following benefits:

  • Non-toxic, It’s amongst others Isopropanol Free.
  • 100% natural, made from plant extracts
  • 100% Harmless and Safe for lenses, glasses, frames and all types of premium coated surfaces
  • Streak Free
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-Reflection
  • Harmless for humans, animals and nature.
  • Tested by Colts Lab USA.

The SeeSoo fluid is available in:

  • Consumer bottles in a number of sizes and colors from 30ml to 200ml, as shown elsewhere on the website.
  • In addition to this consumer packaging, there is also a 1 liter and 5 liter large pack. This large pack is available only through our partners. This concerns a number of leading wholesale companies, purchasing associations and retailers from the optics market that sell both the bottles, the Refill Station and the SeeSoo liquids. Opticians can purchase these bottles and liquid solutions through our wholesale partners. If there is no wholesale company available in your country, or do you work with another wholesaler, please feel free to contact us. These cans may not be sold to consumers.