Bottles & Sprays


The most used bottle in the optical market is the 30ml (1oz) bottle. You can choose from a lot of bottles:

  • 7 different colours and transparant bottles and if you miss a colour we would like to hear what your wishes are. The decors on these bottles is mostly in white or two colours. ¬†Both in Silk Screening and direct printing are the best ways to design the bottles.
  • A clear bottle. This bottle is also often used. All techniques are optional for the design of this bottle.
  • White Non transparant. Especially this bottle is outstanding when the direct printing on the bottle is used. Full colour designs, photo’s really are awesome on the white bottle.

Besides the 30ml bottles we also have other sizes and colours. These are shown in the shop.


The most used sprays are white and black. We both have these sprays on stock. Other colours are available on request.